If for just one moment the stars aligned. Angels and Devils refused to fight. I'm confident it would have been a night like this. ”

— Josh Ferreira

Josh Ferreira bio

I am Josh Ferreira, a singer/songwriter from Cincinnati OH. I have been playing music from the age of 17. Though, I have been singing my entire life. My career spans 25 years, playing with bands, duos and as a solo act. 1994 started it all. Writing with my then music partner Aaron Hedrick for our band Eden Park. The band lasted a couple of years until Endive was started. In Eden Park I was a lead/rhythm guitarist. But in Endive I was pushed to the front of the stage as lead vocalist. In 2003 my journey brought another guitarist and songwriter in the form of Bryce Grammar into my life. For 3 years we became a force to be reckoned with in Cincinnati. In 2006 Bryce would move. 

For quite a few years I rambled aimlessly. I moved to San Diego in 2013. After 4 years I started to find my way. But an accident kept me sidelined. That accident also  moved me back to Cincinnati. On October 2019 I released my first solo e.p. Road Song. Taking aim at a solo career I am currently getting radio airplay and booking for 2020. 

You can contact me through the "Inquiries" form at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your support and I look forward to bringing my music to you. 

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